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go green
More than a decade ago, the "Go Green" movement was created to urge people to look at the impact of their lifestyle on the environment and to make changes to lessen that impact. Although many did adopt greener ways, we continue to see extreme weather patterns, melting icebergs, and smog over large cities. Meaning, what we have done so far may not be enough.

Recycle It is vital that we start looking at what additional steps can be taken to "Go Green" and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. With green technology being continuously developed, and at lower costs, green options are more available than ever. And if you're not quite ready to put solar panels on your house, even the smallest change, such as shutting off lights when you leave a room or adjusting the thermostat a few degrees, can have a significant impact on our environment today and for future generations.

For more ideas on how to "Go Green" visit:

Askco Electric wants to help too!
For information on specific energy saving products sold by us, take a look at our sections on LED's and Fans

Remember, to always recycle your used CFL and other fluorescent bulbs.
By recycling you are preventing the decrease of mercury into the environment, as well as allowing for the other materials of the bulb to be reused.

Locate a recycling center near you:

Or, if you have a large quantity of bulbs to recycle, stop by our store today and purchase a recycle pack.

All you have to do is fill it with your used fluorescent bulbs. Once filled, attach the pre-paid shipping label, schedule a pick-up with fed-ex, and pat yourself on the back for taking the steps to protect the environment.

Recycle packs and boxes are also available for ballasts and batteries.