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Prior to LED's, fluorescent bulbs were the preferred alternative to traditional bulbs to save on energy and energy costs. Switching out incandescent bulbs for CFL's (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) was a simple step that households across America took to support the "Go Green" movement and reduce energy consumption.

Presently, another "bulb" transition has begun. CFL's are now being replaced by LED's, with the promise of more energy savings, longer bulb life, and better overall light quality. Therefore, to ensure that the benefits of this new technology on the environment are not counteracted, it is vital to properly dispose of used fluorescent and CFL bulbs.

Unlike traditional or LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs contain a trace amount of mercury. When the bulb is intact, it is harmless; however if broken, which easily occurs if thrown in a landfill, the mercury is released into the environment and potentially toxic. Recycling prevents this, as well as allows the mercury and other materials of the bulb to be reused.

For more information on the importance of recycling CFL's visit:

Locate a recycling center near you:

Recycle Packs Another option to recycle centers, especially for organizations who use a lot of fluorescent bulbs, are Recyclepaks. Created to make the recycling and disposal process easy, mail-back recyclepak's are available for purchase in various sizes for used florescent bulbs. The purchase price includes the shipping container, pre-paid shipping label, processing, and a certificate of recycling for compliance. The process itself is simple. Once the container has been filled, seal it and attach the pre-paid shipping lablel, then contact fed-ex for pick-up and pat yourself on the back for taking steps to protect the environment. As soon as the container has been received and processed, a certificate of recycling will be available online. Recyclepaks are also available for batteries and ballasts.

An easy to follow demonstration of the Recyclepack process can be viewed here

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