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Most people have fans in their home and office, whether it be a bathroom ventilation fan or a ceiling fan, both of which have possibilities for energy savings.
One way to determine if you are reaching your maximum energy savings potential is to see if your bathroom's ventilation fans are energy star certified. If they're not, then it may be time to replace them with one that is. An energy star certified fan will increase the fan's efficiency, using less energy to move greater amounts of air. Energy Star also means the fan runs cooler, resulting in decreased motor burnout and an overall longer life of the fan.
Tips to save energy and money by Kichler Lighting.
Ceiling Fans are another way to provide significant savings on your energy costs. While most people know that ceiling fans can provide a cooling breeze on hot summer days, helping to reduce air conditioning costs, they can also help on cooler days. By reversing your fan's blade direction in the winter, it will help to circulate the warm air better, pushing the air that rises back down to your living space. It is a simple change that can result in significant energy savings.
Along with switching the blade direction, you'll also want to make sure your ceiling fan is a newer model with a DC motor. DC motors are designed to run more efficiently, using less energy and running at a cooler temperature, resulting in a longer motor life. Many ceiling fans are also Energy Star Certified.
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